The Program


 In order to qualify for the naturopathic telemedicine program at IBD Solution, you need to:

  • Have a diagnosis of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease
  • Have a California address (full-time residents and part-time residents such as students, etc.)
  • Be willing and able to use a computer or smartphone most days of the week to record your symptoms

My approach

I use the symptoms you log to track your symptoms every day, then I use the best evidence-based natural medicine to suit each individual IBD patient, while tracking outcomes using labs and validated scales to make sure we're getting the results we're looking for. What are we looking for? We start by making sure you're safe, then improve clinical outcomes until we reach remission, continuing until your inflammatory markers are normal, eventually aiming for complete mucosal healing.

Initial visit

In the initial 60 min video or phone consultation, I'll listen to your story and assess how you're doing. I may order lab tests and I may prescribe probiotics, herbal & nutritional supplements and medical foods, make diet suggestions, and counsel you regarding FMT and helminthic therapy. I don't prescribe drugs in California, or do surgical or endoscopic procedures, but I might communicate with your gastroenterologist about prescriptions and procedures, or ask you to do so.

Daily monitoring

Entering information about your symptoms every day will allow me to keep track of how you're doing in between visits and provide better care. I spend more time each day reviewing the data for patients whose IBD is more active, and the data you enter lets us know how active your disease is.

Follow-up visits

If you have severely active disease, we'll have a 30 min video or phone appointment every two weeks until the severe flare is over. If you have moderate disease, we'll have a 30 min appointment once a month, and if you have mildly active disease, it's we'll have a 30 min appointment every six weeks. I usually work with people for six months to a year.