The initial visit:

  • The initial 60 min video or phone consultation costs $450

Daily symptom monitoring:

  • $45/mo for mildly active disease

  • $60/mo for moderately active disease

  • $75/mo for severely active disease

  • Your severity level is automatically calculated as an average of the daily symptoms you've recorded in the previous two weeks

  • We also offer a remission monitoring plan of only $25/mo, which includes an order for a fecal calprotectin test every three months.

Follow-up visits: 

  • These 30 min video or phone consultations cost $350 (they are more frequent for patients with more severely active disease).

Other thoughts on costs:

  • The average cost of care is $278/mo if you have mildly active disease, $410/mo if you have moderately active disease, and $775/mo if you have severely active disease. As your severity levels decrease, costs go down

  • Costs of tests & treatments are separate, and may or may not be covered by your insurance

  • We do not bill insurance for you but we will provide a superbill on request

  • I usually work with my IBD patients for six months to a year at a time