The program:

  • The cost is $9,500 for six months.

  • This includes the following:an initial 60-min intake, daily symptom monitoring, weekly 30-min meetings with our IBD coach, 30-min appointments with Dr. Davis every 2-4 weeks, ordering & interpreting of monthly labs, & unlimited emails while enrolled.

  • Labs, supplements, etc. are not included in the program; insurance may or may not cover that cost. This is only the cost of our IBD intensive rehab program.

  • For the first cohort of ten people enrolled between October-December 2019, the cost is reduced to $7,500 for six months (thanks for tolerating us as we work the bugs out)

one Alternative to the program is biologics. Here are the costs & effectiveness of the most common biologics (prices according to GoodRx, remission rates according to this paper): 

  • Remicade (infliximab): $23,165 for six months (to induce remission in a 150 lb person) - 15% remission rate (compared to placebo)

  • Humira (adalimumab): $34,668 for six months (to induce remission) - 10% remission rate (compared to placebo)

  • Entyvio (vedolizumab): $30,087 for six months (to induce remission) - 12% remission rate (compared to placebo)

  • Most people don’t pay the cash rate for biologics, they pay a co-pay, and insurance pays the rest. My goal is to collect enough data on the effectiveness of the naturopathic approach that insurance will cover it.